Motivate Kids Bundle by Julie Polanco

Motivate Kids Bundle

Everything you need for a great homeschool year.

Get all the tools you need to have an awesome school year and ignite the fires of learning.

Get a FREE print copy of 100 Ways to Motivate Kids when you buy the bundle. 

What's included

100 Ways to Motivate Kids PDF E-book

100 Ways to Motivate Kids helps children develop STEAM skills, compassion, creativity, and critical thinking through hands-on projects that link school subjects to the real...

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Grading and record-keeping printables for natural learning

Need a way to organize all that natural learning and keep records for the state? Included are three different templates with instructions. You also get...

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How to Motivate Kids to Learn Without Using Bribes & Punishments

Get beyond candy, money, outings, grounding, and punishments. Stop struggling to get your kid to do his assignments.

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Official High School Transcript sample template

This sample template will help you understand what to include on your own high school transcript. It also tells you where to get an editable...

Helping homeschooling moms achieve natural learning, natural living, and authentic faith

Julie teaches moms how to confidently use Western plant medicine and green living tools to improve their family's health, hygiene, and home. She provides a framework for igniting natural learning in their children and integrating an authentic, passionate pursuit of Jesus into every moment.