God Schooling Group Discussion and Study Guide by Julie Polanco

God Schooling Group Discussion and Study Guide

Wish you could explore the concepts of the book, God Schooling, with friends?

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The feedback I got from the release of God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn, inspired and encouraged me. Many moms commented that it revolutionized their homeschool, that it answered prayers, and inspired them to try something different. And I thought, wouldn't it be great if moms could dig deeper into the book in the company of friends? This is that guide! Get your girlfriends together, pull out your copies of God Schooling, and commit one evening a week to deepening your homeschool journey and your walk with Christ!

Discuss or study 10-13 new probing questions for each of the nine chapters. Complete relevant crafts or activities that encourage application today. 

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