Christian unschooling, Christian natural living, and Bible study for homeschooling moms

My mission is to transform the faith and family of Christian unschoolers, lifeschoolers, and relaxed homeschoolers by equipping them with resources that renew their minds, strengthen relationships, and simplify healthy, holy living.

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I'm here to help you live in harmony with your family, this beautiful world we live in, and with Jesus Christ.

You love your kids and you want this homeschooling thing to go well, but sometimes you just feel lost. The choices make you dizzy and at times, bring a small amount of guilt. It seems like everyone has an opinion about methods and curriculum, but somehow, it all feels contrived and too schoolish to you.

But, you see what others do and  doubt creeps in. You wonder if you're doing enough. Even so, some days, it's a struggle to get everything done. With two kids and a toddler, exhaustion steals your joy. 

I've been there, girlfriend. You're not alone. 

Through books, courses, and templates, I come alongside you and give you confidence to keep following a more natural, interest-led homeschooling approach.

Someone just like you.

I am a veteran homeschooling mom of 17 years. My oldest two children have graduated and moved on to other pursuits and I continue to homeschool my younger two children. 

See my crew?

How to Pivot to Lifeschooling/Unschooling

Interested in Christian unschooling but not sure how it works or how to get started? This half hour course teaches foundational ideas.
View course $4.99

Template Pack for Tracking Interest-Led Learning in Grade School

Need a way to organize all that natural learning and keep records for the state? Included are three different templates with instructions. You also get an assessment template and a short guide on grading all that learning.
View product $9.99

Interest-Led High School? Yes, you can!

Can you meet state requirements and still allow your teen the freedom to explore his passions? Can you launch your teen with the peace that he is prepared for career and life? Yes, you can!
View course $29.99

Template for Tracking Self-directed Learning in High School

Need a way to track all that interest-led learning during high school? This template will help you track hours and resources.
View product $4.99

How to Make Your Own Science Discovery Boxes: A Workshop for Homeschool Moms

This workshop shares the reasons and methods behind creating your own science boxes to spur STEM learning in your students aged 7-10 years.
View course $8.99

S.T.E.M. for Non-Science Teens: A workshop for homeschool moms

First presented at the 2019 Homeschool STEM Conference, this workshop gives parents alternative ways to fulfill high school science credit requirements while still respecting their teen's passions.
View course $9.99

100 Ways to Motivate Kids PDF E-book

100 Ways to Motivate Kids helps children develop STEAM skills, compassion, creativity, and critical thinking through hands-on projects that link school subjects to the real world. 
View product $6.99

How to Motivate Kids to Learn Without Using Bribes & Punishments

Get beyond candy, money, outings, grounding, and punishments. Stop struggling to get your kid to do his assignments.
View course $49.99

God Schooling Group Discussion and Study Guide

Love the book, God Schooling? Ready to dig deeper? This group discussion/study guide will help you dive into the principles of the book in a whole new way. 
View product $2.99

What others are saying....

Julie is an ‘outside the box’ thinker, and a master at finding unique and helpful resources. She referred me to a neurobehavioral center that was instrumental in confirming my son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, and provided him with a scholarship for specialized tutoring. This made the difference in him passing vs. failing a math class at the high school he later attended. She truly goes the extra mile to help people find the right tools to succeed.
Nancy K.
Julie has homeschooled for many years, is very knowledgeable about resources and schooling a variety of students, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in homeschooling to talk to her. She would definitely be an encouragement along the way!
Kim D.